Friday, 27 February 2015

Dental Care for Seniors

Specific Concerns for Seniors

Our teeth show signs of age, just like the rest of our body. Stains appear from caffeine and tobacco use. If regular professional cleanings have been missed, plaque build-up eventually leads to decay and root or gum problems. Some medications reduce the flow of saliva through the mouth, which we can address. Fillings can loosen and allow decay to set in. Gum disease and root decay are major concerns for seniors. We recommend regular check-ups to reduce the chance of small problems turning into big problems. And as always, we recommend the consumption of healthy foods and proper gum and teeth hygiene for optimum oral health at every age. 

If your gums are inflamed or bleed easily from flossing or brushing, or a tooth or teeth feel loose, contact us immediately.

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