Friday, 3 April 2015

Sleep Apnea Solutions

Get a Good Night's Rest

Falling asleep during the day, snoring loudly while sleeping, or occasional halted breathing during sleep are signs you have the condition known as sleep apnea. Perhaps you have been treated for this problem with the CPAP device. It allows air to continue to flow through your lungs thanks to a mask that is worn over the nose and mouth during sleep. It takes care of the problem of interrupted breathing, but the mask is bulky and uncomfortable to wear, so people often stop using it. 
If you have become unhappy with this solution, we offer one that will let you get a good night's sleep comfortably. A small, acrylic device, similar to a retainer, fits over upper and lower teeth. It repositions your tongue and jaw to keep your air passage open, allowing consistent breathing. Patients who have tried this device have been very pleased with the results - 90 percent of users have had successful results. It is easily placed and removed and compact to take along when traveling. Let us show you how great it is to restore sound, restful sleep.

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