Monday, 4 May 2015

Dental Comfort

Comfort and Accuracy - And Shorter Visits!

Your comfort is our concern, and we are very pleased to utilize a technological advancement that is a combination of a suction device and brightly illuminating light that makes it much easier for the doctor to see your oral structures and for you to hold your mouth in the correct position.

How does this make it easy for you?

  • You spend a third less time in the dental chair.
  • Saliva doesn't accumulate in the oral cavity; the "drowning or gagging" feeling is gone.
  • Debris is cleared out of your mouth before unintentionally swallowed.
  • Fatigue in the jaw and mouth from having to be held open is eliminated.
  • The bright illumination eliminates shadows for faster, more accurate dental work.
  • The use of a bulky rubber dam is no longer necessary with this innovative device. It keeps the mouth dry when work is being performed to produce the best results.

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